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The worker’s comp lawyers in Elsmere, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers, would like to share some information about the area’s history.


The town of Elsmere covers a 633.6-acre section of northern New Castle County, Delaware. DE 2 runs through the town center while North Dupont Road travels north and south in the western region. The Ed Oliver Golf Club is less than 2 miles north, and the Wilmington Airport is only an eleven-minute drive.


In 1886, Joshua T. Heald bought farmland in the area and developed it into the first suburb in the northern section of Delaware. The real estate developer was born in 1821 in north Mills Creek Hundred, a section of New Castle County northeast of White Clay Creek and northwest of Red Clay Creek. Heald moved to the Wilmington area in 1838 at the young age of 17. He co-created the stationary business, Wilson & Heald that quickly became one of the best booksellers in the city.

In 1850 Heald began to become interested in both real estate and transportation. In 1864 he became the president of the Wilmington City Railway Company. His influence helped start the trolley line that traveled from the train station all the way to DuPont Street, just north of Elsmere in the Forty Acres area by Union Street. Heald saw the potential of this area and soon would develop the Forty Acres neighborhood, name after its size.

However, it would be Elsmere that is referred to as the first trolley suburb. Later in 1886, Heald began working on the area’s development near the B&O’s junction. It would not be until 1896 that the trolley line would make it to the area. He died of typhoid fever in 1887 but will always be known as one of the most respected and influential men in New Jersey.


It is a predominantly white-collar town, with close to 85.26% working in white-collar occupations. Approximately 22.76% of the residents have earned at least their bachelor’s degree. The median household income of the area was $39,415 in 2000 and the median income for a family was $46,357. As many as 6.7% of families live below the poverty line. The occupational breakdown of the working adults is the following:

  • 15.51% office and administrative support positions
  • 9.99% sales and service roles
  • 9.28% maintenance occupations

Some companies in the area that offer the residents employment include:

  • Dogtopia of Elsmere – located on New Road
  • R. E. Michel Company – located on South Dupont Road
  • Delaware Hardware Supply – located on B and O Lane
  • Joseph Janvier Jewelers – located on Kirkwood Highway

Parks and Recreation

The area is home to several parks that includes the following:

  • Junction Street Park
  • Fairgrounds Park
  • Joseph R. Walling Park
  • Maple Avenue Park
  • Brian Martin Park
  • Vilone Park
  • Veterans Park
  • Elsmere Bark Park


The population was 6,131 in 2010, and this was an increase of 5.7% from 2000, making it the 12th largest neighborhood in the state. The population consisted of 2,299 households and 1,487 families. The area is relatively diverse, with a high population of people of Hispanic origins. Other ancestries of the people in the area include:

  • Irish
  • German
  • Italian
  • English
  • French

The racial breakdown of the area is the following:

  • 82.41% white
  • 9.45% African American
  • 12.09% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.97% Asian
  • 0.22% Native American
  • 0.00% Pacific Islander
  • 5.10% other races
  • 1.84% two or more races

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