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The slip and fall attorneys in Hedgeville, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers, present the following details on the area and its past.


Just north of the Russel Peterson Wildlife Refuge that lies along the Christina River is the Hedgeville neighborhood. Delaware State Road 4 forms the southern border, and South Broom Street creates its western edge. Its immediate neighbors are Browntown, Scarborough Park, Union Park Gardens, and Quaker Hill. The ChristianaCare Wilmington Hospital is less than ten minutes northeast of the town.


Within the town is two historical markers, one in Pulaski Park and one in Kosciuszko Park. Today we will highlight the history of the latter.

In the center of the town is Kosciuszko Park, just off of South Broom Street. The park was named after Colonel Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko, or Andrew Thaddeus Bonaventure Kosciuszko as he is known in English. Kosciuszko was born in 1746 in Kosów in Nowogródek Voivodeship, Grand Duchy of Lithuania. He sailed to the United States after learning about the Revolutionary War in 1776 and requested to join the Continental Army.

He was first stationed along the Delaware River and tasked with protecting it from the British. He became a colonel near the end of 1776. He suggested placing artillery defenses on Sugar Loaf overlooking the fort but was shot down by the garrison commander. A few months later, the area was overturned by British forces forcing the men to flee. In order for the Contential soldier to gain an advance ahead of the British, Kosciuszko created the following obstructions:

  • knocked down the trees
  • dammed the streams
  • destroyed and tore down bridges

Kosciuszko would not be paid for his time in the military until after 1798. In his will, he deeded the profits from the sale of his land to buy the slaves their freedom, including the ones owned by Thomas Jefferson. He also demanded that they be provided with education for them to work and make a decent life for themselves. However, the money would not be used as he had requested, but his legacy helped to form the Kosciuszko School for former slaves.


The neighborhood real estate prices are lower than 96.7% of other neighborhoods in Delaware, averaging $99,405. Rent is also low and will run approximately $1,483 per month. Apartment-style living, most often row houses, outnumbers the single-family homes, and as many as 70% of the townspeople rent. The median household income is $29,250, with 39% earning less than $25,000 per year. Close to 13% of the citizens have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. The occupational breakdown of the townspeople is the following:

  • 30.7% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 22.5% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 16.8% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations
  • 2.0% active in the military


The population is 3,651, with as many as 10.6% of the residents being born outside of the United States. Although 75.8% speak English as their first language, many speak Italian or Spanish. The important ancestries that the area’s people identify with include the following:

  • 15.1% Puerto Rican
  • 8.4% Mexican
  • 5.1% Irish
  • 4.4% Polish
  • 3.1% Italian

The racial makeup of the area is the following:

  • 16% white
  • 53% African American
  • 26% Hispanic or Latino
  • 2% Asian
  • 3% two or more races

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