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The neighborhood Westmoreland is located within New Castle County, Deleware. The roadways that make up the area’s borders are Ogle Avenue, Dupont Road, and Lancaster Avenue. The Ed Oliver Golf Club is located outside its northern border. The Delaware Art Museum is only 2.4 miles away, just north of the Highlands.


Initially, the area was populated by the Lenape Native Americans. Henry Hudson would discover the area as he sailed up the Delaware River in 1609. In March 1638, settlers from the Swedish South Company arrived and purchased land. Upon the land, they built Fort Christina on the river that would become known as the Christina River, named after Queen Christina of Sweden. The area would remain under Swedish rule until 1655, when the British would gain control.

During the 1950s, the area became a residential area in response to post-war prosperity. Many single-family houses were built despite the population decreasing in Wilmington during that time. From 1950 to 1960 the area saw a decline of 13.2%. The construction of Interstate 95 and the urban renewal projects also encouraged a decrease in the area’s population.


The average home price for the area is $553,850, above the national average of $217,500. On the other hand, Rent is lower than the national average and will run approximately $970 per month. More than 56% of the residents own their own property. The median household income is $73,259. As many as 23% of the residents have their bachelor’s degree.


The neighborhood is small but has several options for schooling for the residents. The following are some of the schools in the area:

  • Charter School of Wilmington
  • CAB Calloway School of the Arts
  • Wilmington High School


The neighborhood’s population is 3,841. Westmoreland ranked #20 for the most diverse place to live out of the 60 neighborhoods in New Castle County. The racial breakdown of the area si the following:

  • 62% white
  • 23% African American
  • 11% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1% Asian
  • 2% Native American
  • 0% Pacific Islander
  • 0% other races
  • 1% two or more races

Close to 11.5% of the neighborhood’s population speaks Italian. The Westmoreland residents identify their ancestry as the following:

  • 12.7% Italian
  • 9.7% Puerto Rican
  • 7.7% Sub-Saharan African
  • 7.7% African
  • 6.2% Irish
  • 0.9% Czechoslovakian

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