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The Flats

Located within New Castle County in the city of Wilmington is the neighborhood The Flats. The main roadways include West 4th Street, Woodland Avenue, and the Bancroft Parkway.


The neighborhood was founded by William Poole Bancroft, an American industrialist with heavy influence in land conservation. He was born in Wilmington in 1835 to Joseph Bancroft and Sarah Poole. His parents were Quakers and passed down the value of hard work. At 14, he began working in the family mills that heavily benefited from the Civil War’s demands of its products. The mill became the biggest textile mill in the country.

During his time working in the mill, William took notice of the beauty of the river. Coupled with his disapproval of the city’s sudden population growth, he purchased many acres in hopes of preserving the land. By 1884, he had become involved in forming the Wilmington Park Commission, and he would later become its president. He worked with Frederick Law Olmsted, a landscape architect, to create and design the land he donated as the community parks.

Bancroft constructed 350 rental properties. Each property had access to the parks and had its own yard. The rent on the properties was so low that lower-income families could afford it. Bancroft saw a need for the quality of life for the lower-income families to be improved. He purchased land for future development and set up trusts to ensure it was used for affordable housing. He even had a library built in 1894 with funds to keep it financed as long as it was free to the public.

In 1901, Bancroft developed the area now known as The Flats. The neighborhood was created as affordable housing and has built up a minority population. The area is undergoing phases of revitalization that are expected to be completed within a 12-year span.

Points of Interest

Woodland Park lies in the town’s center. The park offers the following amenities for the nearby residents in addition to restrooms:

  • basketball court
  • playground
  • baseball field
  • splash pad
  • picnic tables
  • benches

The area is home to the Harvest Christian Academy & Youth Development Center located on Lancaster Avenue. The school was formed by Headmaster Dr. Raymond D. Williams, Sr. of the Faith Harvest Worship Center in 2006. The types of skills taught in the institute include the following:

  • leadership training
  • skill development
  • hands-on activities
  • perform­ing arts
  • recreational opportunities


The population of the neighborhood is 1,686. The average household income is $38,739, and as many as 16% possess a bachelor’s degree or higher. The racial makeup of the area is the following:

  • 25% white
  • 59% African American
  • 15% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1% two or more races

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