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The car accident attorneys in Forty Acres, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers, have gathered some interesting facts about the community and its history.

Forty Acres

The community of Forty Acres is located within Delaware’s largest and most populous city, Wilmington. It is situated in the northern section of New Castle County. North Union Street, North Dupont Street, Wawaset Street, and Pennsylvania Avenues form the border to the town. The neighboring towns include Augustine, Highlands, Wawaset Park, and Little Italy.


The community was formed in 1864 as a streetcar suburb to Wilmington. Originally it was part of a larger tract that was referred to as Hope Farm. Joshua Heald, a prominent land developer from Mill Creek Hundred, purchased forty acres of the farm. He proceeded to develop the land and established the first horse-drawn trolley along Delaware Avenue. The trolley depot, Car Barn, was situated where the Trolley Square shopping center currently sits. In 2004, the area was designated as the first Neighborhood Conservation District in the state of Delaware.


Although Trolley Square is just outside of the neighborhood’s border, they share a section of North Dupont Street. Along the street, you can find many small hangout locations, including the following:

  • Kelly’s Logan House
  • Trolley Square Oyster House
  • Crow Bar

Other restaurants located within the town include:

  • Scalessa’s “My Way” Old School Italian Kitchen – located on North Lincoln Street
  • Southeast Kitchen – located on Delaware Avenue
  • Angelo’s Luncheonette – located on North Scott Street
  • Gallucio’s Restaurant – located on Lovering Avenue
  • Rockford Tavern – located on Lovering Avenue


The neighborhood’s population was 1,649. As many as 20% included families with children. The racial makeup of the area was the following:

  • 91% white
  • 3% African American
  • 2% Hispanic or Latino
  • 3% Asian
  • 2% two or more races

In addition to the 95.8% that speak English, the residents can be heard speaking Polish and Spanish. The most common ancestries that the townspeople identify with are the following:

  • 18.5% German
  • 17.1% Irish
  • 12.0% English
  • 10.8% Italian
  • 3.6% Polish
  • 1.8% Eastern European
  • 1.0% Brazilian

The median household income was $128,864. More than 40% of the residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, and 35% have a master’s degree or higher. The occupational breakdown of the employed adults is the following:

  • 74.2% executive, a manager, or other professional roles
  • 16.3% sales and service jobs
  • 6.5% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 4.1% local, state, or federal government jobs

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