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Flea Hill

Flea Hill is an unincorporated town located at the intersection of Asbury and Davis Roads. It can be found 3.8 miles southwest of Georgetown, Delaware. Whaleys Corners is located just to the south and Gum Crossroads to its west. The main roadway is Delaware Route 9 that forms its eastern border. Raccoon Ditch, New Ditch, and Rum Ridge Branch run through the area.


The Algonquian-speaking Native Americans originally inhabited the area. The first European settlers were Spanish or possibly Portuguese around 1593 and followed by the Dutch in 1609. Henry Hudson, exploring for the Dutch West India Company, arrived in the area near the Delaware River. The Dutch set up a trading post in the county named Zwaaneddael. However, David Pietersen de Vries, the Dutch captain, left, and when he returned, the colony had been destroyed by the natives.

The British would also end up taking the Dutch captive and making slaves of them. In 1673, the Dutch would regain power over the area for a year before the Duke of York, James Stuart, would overpower them. With the British in control again, many boundary disputes would ensue. Georgetown would be named after George Mitchell, the state senate president, in 1791.


The average home price in the neighborhood is $223,946, which is less than 68.6% of other communities in the state, and 51% less than the country average. Rent is also lower than 85.8% of the neighborhoods in the state and averages about $1,232 per month. The vacancy rate is only 5.0%.

The area is home to moderately middle or average-income households, with only 9.7% of children living below the poverty line.  The occupational breakdown of the area is the following:

  • 30.5% manufacturing or laborer occupations
  • 27.9% executive, management, or professional roles
  • 27.3% sales or service jobs
  • 11.7% clerical, assistant, or technical support occupations

More than 90.7% drive their own vehicle to work each day but as many as 8.9% carpools with family, friends, or coworkers. The average commute time is just below 30 minutes for 42.6% of the employed adult residents. Some of the local businesses in the area include:

  • East Coast Seed
  • Rivas Auto Repair
  • Straight Line Striping

Residents travel to neighboring towns to attend schools, such as the following:

  • North Georgetown Elementary School
  • Georgetown Middle School
  • Sussex Central High School


The area is fairly diverse, with approximately 14.2% born outside of the United States. As many as 2.2% speak Korean; some even speak Spanish. However, the predominant language spoken by 79.8% of the townspeople is English. The most common ancestries of the area residents are the following:

  • 11.3% Mexican
  • 10.7% German
  • 9.4% English
  • 7.6% Irish
  • 3.5% Asian

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