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The unincorporated community of Redden is located within Sussex County, Delaware. Positioned to the east of Dupont Boulevard, the main roadways are East Redden Road, Shoemaker Drive, and Redden Forest Drive. The community lies 4.4 miles north of downtown Georgetown and just east of Kings Crossroads.


The town is home to the Redden State Forest, founded in 1934. This state reserve is the largest in the state and covers 12,000 acres. On the property is the historic Redden Lodge. The lodge was built in 1903 to serve the executives of the Pennsylvania Railroad as a shooting or hunting retreat. Wilson Eyre was the original architect that designed the lodge for the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s son, Frank G. Thomson.

The eleven-room pinewood lodge was refurbished by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It is now offered to the public for recreational purposes such as the following:

  • family gatherings
  • special occasions
  • group meetings
  • camping
  • horseback riding
  • in-season hunting
  • fishing


The average home price in the area is $220,088, making it more expensive than 30.4% of other communities in the state. On the other hand, rent is lower than 94.7% of the state’s average and will run approximately $1,053 per month. The area consists mainly of newer properties built just before 1999; however, some date back to 1940.

The residents are lower-middle-income, and the average income falls lower than 77.5% of other neighborhoods in the country. It has 43.3% of the children living below the poverty line, more than 88.9% of other communities in the United States. The occupational makeup of the residents is the following:

  • 37.8% manufacturing or laborer positions
  • 28.8% sales or service jobs
  • 12.4% clerical, assistant, or technical support occupations
  • 11.1% executive, management, or professional roles


As many as 31.0% of the residents were born in countries other than the United States. While 49.7% of the town’s population speak English as their first language, French and Spanish are also spoken. The ancestral makeup of the area is the following:

  • 4.9% Irish
  • 4.5% Mexican
  • 4.3% English
  • 2.8% German
  • 2.6% Asian

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