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The city of Georgetown, Delaware, located in Sussex County, has a rich history dating back to the 1700s.

Founding of Georgetown

Lewes was named the first county seat, as the first colony in Delaware, established by the Dutch in 1631. When English settler Willaim Penn put together the three southern counties of Pennsylvania, Lewes became the Seat of Justice for Sussex County.

Throughout most of the 18th century, Lewes continued to serve as the county seat, although it was challenging for the increasing population to the west; some residents had to ride more than a day on the bumpy roads to enter the town to conduct local business.

On October 26, 1791, in honor of Commissioner George Mitchell, who was instrumental in the effort to centralize the County Seat, the General Assembly formally transferred the Seat of Justice to the current County Seat and named it Georgetown.

Historical Architecture

Among Delaware communities, Georgetown is unique since the town was designed around a circle instead of the more common square of the park. Located in “The Circle,” stands the Town Hall, a few county and state facilities, and the historic Sussex County Courthouse.

Tourists often spend time in “The Circle” which is located in the middle of the town as a part of a small smart with a water fountain in the center. It is listed in the National Historic Record and is controlled by the red brick Greek-revival courthouse that was built in 1839.

With so much historical significance in this town, it’s a must-visit for history connoisseurs.

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