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The Treasures of Sea Museum in Georgetown shares an unforgettable experience of the journey along the waters of the Atlantic during King Philip IV’s era. The museum was designed to take you on a treasure hunt back in time through all the fascinating artifacts and explorations that were documented.


Dating back to September of 1622, the Santa Margarita and the Nuestra Senora de Atocha sailed the ocean from Havana, Cuba, to Seville, Spain. On its excursion, the ships encountered a deadly hurricane that caused both ships to a coral reef. Everyone aboard the ship went under, including the cargo filled with treasure, including gold, silver, and jewelry.

Over the next 360 years, treasure seekers attempted to find any sign of the valuable cargo. That was until treasure hunter Mel Fisher, with the help of Dr. Eugene Lyons and an investor in Georgetown, struck gold. The trio uncovered over 1,000 bars of silver, 180,000 silver coins, and a large count of bronze cannons.

With such a huge collection of treasure, the Treasures of the Sea Exhibit was created in the Delaware Technical and Community College in Georgetown.


The permanent exhibit located in the college library building contains over $4,000,000 in artifacts, including silver ingots and coins, bronze cannons, gold coins and links, silver pieces, vibrant green emeralds from South America, and religious items.

Spend your weekend visiting the museum for an exciting adventure through the exhibition and uncovering artifacts and treasures as you make your way through the tour.

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