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The car accident lawyers in Stockley, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers would like to reveal some of the town’s history.


The unincorporated community of Stockley is located in the town of Millsboro in Sussex County, Delaware. The town’s elevation is 39 feet. It is located in the Eastern Standard Time zone. The main roadways that can be traveled in the town include Dupont Boulevard, Governor Stockley Road, Bethesda Road, Zoar Road, and Patriots Way. Stockley Branch, also known as Tuskey Branch, Tusky Branch, Tussicky Branch, or Tussockey Branch flows through the neighborhood.


In 1917 the Delaware Commission for the Feeble-Minded was formed, with a desire to establish a place for the training and caring of the feeble-minded.  The town became the home to the Stockley Center that at one point was designed for “feeble-minded” children. The center opened in 1921 and quickly held 700 patients with different physical and mental disabilities.

Struggling to curb the behaviors of the patients, the center sought out the assistance of California doctor Dr. Walter Freeman. He was credited with performing as many as 7,000 lobotomies in a forty-year span. The process included inserting a device similar to an ice-pick into the patient’s eye without the use of any anesthesia. The process has since been deemed both cruel and ineffective. The Stockley Center museum seeks to preserve the center’s history. Up to fifty patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities can reside at the current facility that strives to use more humane efforts to meet their needs.


The neighborhood is also home to the Stockley Tavern. The tavern opened in 1948 under the name Stockleyville Tavern and Television Bar. Owner Will Rogers desired to give all the neighborhood residents the chance to enjoy the newly invented television. In 1953, the McCarrens purchased the tavern. It was by chance they stopped along their travels, and it was for sale.

Another business in the area is Iron Souce, a construction equipment rental supplier located off of Dupont Boulevard. The business has three locations within the state.


The residents of the area can send their children to the following schools:

  • Children & Families First – located on Patriots Way
  • Sussex Central High School – located on Patriots Way
  • Delmarva Christian High School – located on Sussex Pines Road

Places of Worship

The community has several places to worship for its religious residents, including:

  • Bethesda United Methodist Church – located on Bethesda Road
  • Pilgrim’s Ministry-Deliverance – located on Dupont Boulevard
  • All Faith Chapel – located on Patriots Way


The most commonly spoken language is English, as it is spoken by 84.1% of the residents. Spanish is spoken by 14.0%. The following are some of the ancestries the residents identify with:

  • 15.4% Irish
  • 10.1% German
  • 8.1% English
  • 3.9% Italian
  • 3.0% Polish

The annual income for the greater area averages $40,300. The most common occupations held by the employed townspeople were the following:

  • 29.5% manufacturing and laborer professions
  • 28.8% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 24.4% sales and service jobs
  • 16.0% clerical, assistant, and tech support positions

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