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The town is located in the state’s center within New Castle County. Many creeks flow through the area, including the Paw Paw, Providence, and the Smyrna Creeks. Mills Creek flows just south of the town’s border.

The Town’s Railroad History

The state’s first railroad began operating in 1832. The north and south lines made it easier for agricultural communities, such as the following, to connect markets:

  • Wilmington
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore

In 1855 Smyrna Station was built. It would be renamed the Clayton Station after the town was renamed in 1860. Former United States Secretary of State John M. Clayton from Delaware and was a huge endorser for the railroad. From 1885 to 1920, the town was Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad’s Headquarters. Several of the items that were shipped using the railroad included:

  • peaches
  • coal
  • commodity chemicals

Due to the advancements in private transportation, passenger traffic diminished. Several of the railroads experienced such financial hardships they either went out of business or were forced to file bankruptcy. The passenger service Amtrak has been established in 2009 and travels to and from the Delaware State Fair.

Historic Landmarks

The area is home to several historical locations that have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places, such as:

  • 1894 – Byrd’s AME Church – located on Smyrna Avenue
  • mid-18th century – Enoch Jones House (Boxwood) – located off of Delaware Route 300
  • 1896 – St. Joseph’s Industrial School – now the First State Military Academy – located on West Duck Creek Road


The median income per household was $43,462 and $18,000 per family in 2000. Based on a report of citizens 25 years and older, as many as 23.59% have earned their bachelor’s degree or higher. On average, the residents spend just over 30 minutes each way to get to work. The breakdown of occupations for the residents is the following:

  • 14.73% office and administrative support positions
  • 10.02% service and sales jobs
  • 8.45% healthcare support services roles


The town’s population was 1,273 in 2000 and consisted of 499 households and 346 families. However, the population experienced an increase to 2,918 by 2010. The racial makeup of the townspeople was:

  • 90.26% white
  • 8.09% African American
  • 1.34% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.08% Asian
  • 0.31% Native American
  • 0.08% Pacific Islander
  • 0.47% other races
  • 0.71% two or more races

English is widely the most spoken language in the area, but Spanish and Polish can be heard in some households. The area is home to many identifying with the following ancestries:

  • Irish
  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • Liberian

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