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Windy Way

The area is located within the town of Smyrna, just north of Little Creek Hundred and Cheswold. Most of the area is taken up by Garrisons Lake Golf Course. Garrisons Lake creates the southern border of the neighborhood. It is 6.2 miles west of Leipsic and 6.9 miles east of Kenton. The main roadways running through the neighborhood include Hickory Ridge Road, Garrisons Circle, Village Drive, and South DuPont Boulevard.

History of the Spruance Family

The community is home to the Spruance Neck, located north of Village Square, just south of Village Drive. The Spruance family consisted of many members including the following:

  • (1785-1863) Senator Presley Spruance
  • (1831-1913) Judge William C. Spruance
  • (1873-1935) William Spruance

John Spruance moved to the area in 1730. His son Presley Spruance married Mary Jones. They had a son that was born in 1785 and would become Senator Presley Spruance. The father and son established the business P. Spruance and Son in 1805, which would be renamed P & E Spruance a year later. For more than forty years they conducted the following services:

  • merchants
  • shippers
  • landowners

The son would be elected to the Delaware House of Representatives in 1822 and to the state Senate by 1825. He served 21 years in the legislature and ten years as speaker of the State Senate. He would become U. S. Senator in 1847.


The going price for real estate in the area averages $288,223. It is more expensive than 57.8% of other Delaware neighborhoods and 60.8% of other neighborhoods in the country. Rent is also higher by 61% and will average around $1,573 per month. The town is full of townhouses and condo-style residential parks, such as the Village of Garrisons Lake. However, there are still some single-family homes, such as the subdivision Northridge, located on Northridge Drive. The area’s vacancy rate is relatively low at 2.1% compared to the rest of the state. Close to 68.2% of the homes were built since 2000.

The area offers some top-rated schools to the residents, aside from the public schools, include:

  • Moore (John Bassett) School
  • Providence Creek Academy Charter School
  • Kingdom Christian Academy Private School
  • Smyrna Christian Private School
  • First State Military Academy School

The area offers a shopping center that is centrally located to many of the subdivisions. The Village Center offers the residents the following options:

  • Saints Home Healthcare
  • Wattay Accounting
  • Pratt Insurance


The neighborhood is predominantly an upper-middle-income and ranks higher than 68.3% of other American neighborhoods. Less than 0.8% of the children are living below the poverty line. The occupational breakdown of the area is the following:

  • 32.1% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 25.9% sales and service jobs
  • 23.0% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 18.7% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations

The primary language spoken in the area is English but 8.1% also speak Spanish. The ancestral breakdown of the residents is the following:

  • 21.0% Irish
  • 10.5% German
  • 9.7% English
  • 8.2% Italian
  • 4.4% Polish
  • 3.1% Brazilian

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