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Personal Injury Attorney near local parks in Wilmington

Rockford Park

Donated by philanthropist and conservationist, William Poole Bancroft in 1889, this historical park is known as one of the oldest parks in the city of Wilmington. Specifically located in Highland, De, it is home to three honorable memorials.

First, a granite bench and memorial honoring botanist William M. Canby who was the first President of the Board of Park Commissioners. Second, located near the park’s main entrance, a statue of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont who was named a Civil War hero. Third, a memorial to William Bancroft, commemorating all his accomplishments.

Start your visit by viewing the 75-foot stone Rockford Tower that was built in 1901 for a spectacular view of the Brandywine River. Hike the many acres of trails, paths and wooded areas available within the park. The park also includes an off-leash dog park and tennis courts.

Brandywine Park

Established in 1886, Brandywine Park was the first city park in the city of Wilmington. The park spans about 178 acres and has been preserved with an assortment of trails, scenic views, the recognized creek, and surroundings woods.

Take a stroll across the swinging bridge for a picturesque view of all the natural beauty the park holds. The park features tons of spots to visit such as the iconic Brandywine Zoo occupying 12 acres of the park. There are two gorgeous gardens, one being the Jasper Crane Rose Garden and the Josephine Foundation and Gardens.

The park is also fully equipped with recreational facilities like a children’s playground, athletic fields and the Baynard Stadium. Brandywine Park was added to the National Historic Registry in 1976 so it’s a must-see historic landmark with so many activities to do and spots to visit.

After a beautiful day well spent at one of our favorite parks, grab a bite to eat at one of our local historical restaurants, located in Wawaset Park, DE.

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