TaCaCo Alpacas of Delaware

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With summer right around the corner, this alpaca farm is a fun-filled attraction where you can have meet and greets with the most adorable fluffy creatures around.

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Owners Blair and Kelley Boyce named their farm, using the first two initials of their three grandchildren’s names, Tatum, Caleb, and Colbie.

This attraction is one of the few alpaca farms in Delaware, and offer the sweetest most affectionate herd you’ll ever meet. Originating from South America, these domesticated creatures have been bred by the Boyce family for years.

Alpacas are known for their kind and playful hearts, unlike their similar breed, Llamas, who are known for chasing and spitting at humans. Both alike in looks, alpacas are smaller, weighing between 100-200 pounds compared to Llamas weighing double its size around 200-400 pounds.

When planning a trip to go visit these gorgeous camelids, be aware of their limited hours. The farm is open to visitors one Saturday of each month.

During tourism seasons in Spring and Summer, you can visit the park on selected dates, which you can find online. If specified dates don’t work for you, contact the owners to schedule an appointment where you can enjoy a private tour of the farm and meet the alpacas.

Did you know you can also rent out the venue for an unforgettable birthday celebration? You and your friends will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the sociable alpacas. You can pet their fluffy coats, feed them, and learn everything you need to know about raising alpacas.

Gift Shop

Sheared every Spring, alpacas coats are luxuriously soft and provide warmth for those who enjoy wearing it. The gift shop, located at the owners Rehoboth Beach shop, showcases a selection of soft alpaca yarn for sale.

Including their variety of yarns, you can choose to purchase other comfortable goodies such as attire like sweaters and ponchos or accessories like socks, scarves, hats, and slippers.

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