DuPont Environmental Education Center

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Located along the Christina River connected to the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge, the 212-acre landscape provides shelter and security to a variety of wildlife. A few of the most notable species you’ll frequently see in the refuge are river otters, American Beavers, Wood Ducks, Eastern Painted Turtles, American Bald Eagles, and tons of dragonflies.

The Education Center is open year-round to the public and offers gorgeous panoramic views of the river. From the Visitor Center, guests also have access to a 10-acre ornamental garden and the start point for a 5.5 miles hiking trail that goes from Wilmington to New Castle.

Programs & Events

The Dupont Environmental Education Center offers a variety of educational programs designed for all ages starting from preschool age, teens, to adults and families. Find hands-on learning experiences such as summer camps, nature workshops, special programs, and educational talks.

The Center also coordinates an assortment of annual and special events for outdoor activities, delicious food, fun-filled entertainment, and tons of nature discoveries. Some examples of past events include:

  • Fundraisers for Spring Native Plants
  • Middle Run Tree Planting Activities
  • 40 Years of Nature Community Celebration
  • Harvest Moon Festival
  • Farm to Ford Fundraiser
  • Clean Water Rally


After spending your day exploring the DuPont Environmental Education Center, be sure to check out the other centers at the wildlife refuge like the Abbott’s Mill Nature Center, Ashland Nature Center, and the Coverdale Farm Preserve.

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