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The personal injury lawyers in Westover Hills, DE, at My Delaware Lawyers, would like to offer the following brief history of the area for your reading pleasure.

Westover Hills

Westover Hills is an incorporated community situated on the western border of Wilmington. The town of Wilmington is located in New Castle, Delaware. Greenville is across Centre Road, also Route 141. West Haven is to the town’s south, and Highlands is to the east. The main roadways in the neighborhood are North Dupont Road, Westover Road, Kennett Pike, and Brecks Lane.


The area was originally home to the Lenape Native American Indians before the arrival of the Europeans. One of the first Europeans to own property was Adam Stedham. William Penn granted Stedham the property in 1684. The Du Pont family moved into the area in 1802. They purchased land and established textile mills. Most of the land was used for farming during this time.

As the railroad grew, so did the area’s population. With most of the land being owned by the Du Ponts, development halted near the 20th century.

The early Du Ponts were baptized as Catholics, similar to most of the French population. They built churches in the areas to accommodate their workers. The workers were from different areas but mostly from Ireland and Scotland. Under the establishment of Victorine Du Pont, the area had various places of worship for all the different faiths. The Green Hill Presbyterian Church, located on Kennett Pike, was constructed in 1848.


The area is home to many schools built years ago using different architectural styles. Some of these include the following:

  • 1894 – Alexis I. du Pont Middle School – unique Romanesque architectural style
  • 1919 – Tower Hill School – colonial style

Also located in the community is the Ed Oliver Golf Club, formerly the Wilmington Country Club. The original golf course was designed by Wilfred Reid in the mid-1930s. It was redesigned by Alfred H. Tull and again by Edmund B. Ault. It was named after the professional golfer and is known for its landscape and historical landmark of a chimney dating back more than 100 years ago.


The area’s population, in addition to the neighboring communities that make up Wilmington, was 70,166, according to the 2019 census. The most commonly spoken language is English, with as many as 83.1% of the neighborhood’s population considering it their primary language. Other languages that can be heard include Spanish, Chinese, and languages of India, which are spoken by 4.2% of the residents. The ancestral breakdown of the community’s citizens includes the following:

  • 16.5% Irish
  • 15.8% English
  • 12.9% German
  • 9.0% Italian
  • 6.5% Asian
  • 2.4% Ukrainian
  • 1.3% Canadian

The area’s annual household income averages $32,884. The breakdown of residents occupations is the following:

  • 73.2% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 16.3% sales and service occupations
  • 7.1% manufacturing and laborer jobs
  • 4.2% clerical, assistant, and tech support roles

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